Moving bands policy

Moving bands policy for the Great Western Youth Band

Introductory Points

  1. There are currently two bands and a percussion ensemble within the organisation:
    • The Rising Stars Band            (rehearsal time: 45 minutes per week)
    • The Youth Band                      (rehearsal time: 1 hour 30 minutes per week)
    • Percussion Ensemble (rehearsal time: 45 minutes per week)
  2. The age of a member is not taken into account when deciding whether he/she should move to the next band.
  3. Most children take part in music exams with their respective teachers, but not all.  Therefore, qualification of a particular grade is a useful guide into someone’s ability, but not a deciding factor1
  4. When there is some degree of overlap of standard; children are often invited to attend two bands.

Moving bands policy

  1. A member of GWYB is moved bands when:
    1. They are of the appropriate standard to comfortably understand the more difficult repertoire of music.
    2. There is an opportunity to fill a vacant position in the next band.
  2. The methods of identification are:
    1. Discussions between the regular conductor(s) of each band.2
    2. Discussions between tutors and the regular conductors.
    3. Discussions between committee and regular conductors.
  3. Further considerations made by the committee are:
    1. Friendship groups.3
    2. Instrument (See point 5.b).
    3. Parent/Guardians wishes.4
    4. An individual’s commitment.
  4. Process of reversing a decision.
    1. In the event of a member or parent not being happy with the decision to move bands, this should be discussed immediately with the relevant conductor of the particular band. Justification of the move and/or a solution should be resolved quickly in order to prevent a detrimental effect of the move.

1 Regardless of grade, individuals tend to have varying sight reading skills, repertoire, tone, range etc

2 The committee may favour a rarer instrument (Trombone, Soprano Cornet, Bass, Percussion)

3 The committee may decide to wait if 2 or 3 close friends are due a move but one may not be quite up to standard.

4 Some members find attending 2 rehearsals is too long, or work/other activity commitments etc.


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