Get involved in the Great Western Youth Band

Main way to get involved

The most important involvement, is that of young people. If you are 18 or younger and would like to get involved by learning to play a brass instrument, here is your chance! We can usually provide an instrument (stock of specific instruments will vary) and basic tuition and professional help on a Saturday morning will be given. You will start in a band of players of similar standard then you can progress to other bands in our organisation as you improve. If you think you would like to get involved, please email us and we can give you more details and answer any questions.

Aside from the young musicians, the Great Western Youth Band is always looking for more people to become involved. You can get involved in many different ways. Whether you’re a young budding musician, adult with experience on a brass instrument, parent wanting to help at rehearsals and concerts or anybody else, your help is much needed.

It’s easiest to split the other ways to get involved into different categories:

  • Rehearsal and concert help

    • With the Rising Stars consisting a lot of young children, help is needed in many ways. For example, the tuck shop that the band run needs someone to serve between rehearsals so people can get sweets, chocolate and drink before or after playing.
  • Music / Tutors

    • The advice and demonstrations from tutors in rehearsals is very useful. If you have experience of playing in a brass band or at a particular brass instrument, your help playing a part over the shoulder of a young player could help them realise the tone they should be making and how the part goes that they are playing.
  • Donations

    • To expand our musical library and update our instruments, we need money. We raise money through our concerts but donations also play a part in our fundraising. Donations will always be gratefully received and can be recognised through the web site.
  • Business Sponsor

    • Many brass bands gain associations with businesses and the Great Western Youth Band aims to do this however we currently don’t have any business sponsors. We can advertise at our concerts through programs, banners, and this web site which we try to advertise as much as possible to get as many hits as possible
  • Advertising

    • Having large audiences at our concerts is incredibly important. If you have any methods of advertising the concerts such as through community magazines or contacts you have, please contact us. However large or small scale the advertising it is, if it gets more people to our concerts and more people involved in the band, it is brilliant.

Finally, if you would like to be involved but don’t know how, please contact the band.


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